WNOG was established to provide logistics support to the Oil & Gas sector in Russia, all the way from oil & gas exploration through to power generation. Our services function includes sea, air, rail, river and truck freight and warehousing.

Our core activities:


Every industry presents unique supply chain, but none is as complex as oil and gas. Transporting equipment and material supply requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures. It often requires multiple modes, and involves everything from supplies for oil rigs to hazardous materials. WNOG dedicated supply chain team has ability to develop and manage cost-effective supply chains for Oil & Gas companies. We establish a baseline compliance expectation, meet regularly with carriers, and develop safety programs – specific to each client – that can be monitored, managed, and improved as conditions change. Our solutions can help to streamline logistics processes, reduce costs, and add value at every phase of client's supply chain. Over many years serving Oil & Gas industry we have established as a leading supplier of logistics services to key international and local oil companies in Russia.


Rig move is a very complex process involving numerous operations and activities. Preplanning, coordination and adequate supervision of the efforts of all personnel involved is essential to carry out a Safe and Efficient rig moving operation. Safety and environmental impact analysis and feasibility studies are also weaved into the logistical assessment and coordination, particularly before a rig move begins. WNOG has experienced Rig move managers, who lead the special teams for rigs mobilization. The Rig move team is always ready to operate in all major oil and gas areas of Russia and CIS. We are constantly following rules of active personal control of every rig mobilization stage. We perform such control to provide high quality service and to reduce risks. We keep rig mobilization information transparency for our clients by providing agreed services: high quality reports, electronic systems and personnel involvement.


The oil industry is a 24-hour-a-day business. Getting needed supplies to remote sites can be challenging, but staff at WNOG has successfully provided transportation services to many drilling sites and storage facilities in Western and Eastern Siberia. By necessity, we have entered the dispatch business – coordinating the daily movements of many of small and individual carriers. Standardizing compliance across a number of different carriers, many of whom are small and localized, is a difficult task for Oil & Gas companies to take on internally, WNOG, on the other hand, have the experience and expertise to drive uniform measures all the way down to the carrier community. The environments of extreme cold, seasonal darkness, remoteness, winter roads create challenging logistics and transportation conditions. However, there is no doubt our company to make all transportation system components above this work.
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