Managing your international import and export activities is a strategic intent of our business. We are responsible for supply chain operations of foreign and Russian companies; managing complex flows of goods, information, and financials to and from many parts of the world. With any of our supply chain solutions, we provide a single source in managing your shipment with the provision of customs clearance and trade solutions. We help you comply with customs and trade requirements so that your goods are never delayed at any international borders.


We work together with a Contracted Manufacturers in expediting the exportation of their products to foreign buyers and also serve as a Buyer's Agent to source and qualify requested products for them to import. By working as a buyer's agent, we source products of interest around the globe. The buyer provides us with information regarding products they have expressed interest in, product specifications, quantities to purchase and their projected purchasing cycles. We then simply source those products on behalf of our buyer. We serve as an Export Management Company acting as the off-site exporting department for Russian producers. We work in a dual role to provide both Russian exporters as well as importers with the best possible marketing strategies. Our business practices are honest and transparent. We are diligent in providing the most a reputable interactions with all of our manufacturers and buyers.


Our Customs Brokerage team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the efficient clearance of your goods in full compliance with Russian regulatory requirements. Today's changing customs requirements, security initiatives, and duty and tax rates create the challenges to international trade. WNOG customs clearance professionals ensure the efficient clearance of your goods in full compliance with Russian regulatory requirements.
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