In performance of the logistics services in the area of Oil & Gas Sector it is required to follow Health & Safety Rules in freight transportation, to implement the latest standards of quality and compliance assurance in the course of transportation and logistics operations, to apply the modern compliance
programs for the purpose of risk assessment and minimization within delivery chains, to use innovation technologies for projection, planning and arrangement of material resources movement from suppliers to consumers, to consider the modern trends in digitalization, and, therefore, to ensure the high-quality logistics in Oil & Gas Sector.
Supply chains of all industries are unique, but none is as complex as in oil & gas. Transportation of equipment and materials requires special machinery, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures. Shipment of hazardous materials and components to oil rigs often involves multiple modes of transport. Our team of professionals can develop and manage cost-effective supply chains for international and regional oil & gas companies.

We are committed to meeting expectations of our customers, regularly engage with forwarders and develop customer-specific safety programs that help us monitor changing conditions and, if necessary, manage and improve shipment processes. Our solutions help our customers streamline their logistics, reduce costs, and add value at each shipment stage. Over many years in oil & gas industry, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of logistics services to key international and local oil companies in Russia.
International and regional solutions for supply chain management
Rig mobilization is a complex process involving numerous operations and activities. Preplanning, coordination and adequate supervision of the efforts of all personnel involved is essential to carry out a safe and efficient rig moving operation. Safety, environmental impact analysis and feasibility studies are integral to the logistical assessment and coordination, particularly before a rig move begins. WNOG employs experienced rig mobilization project managers and specialists. Our rig move team is available at all times for operation in all major oil & gas areas of Russia and CIS. We practice close supervision of every rig mobilization stage to ensure superior service quality and reduce risks.
Rig mobilization
The oil & gas industry is a 24/7 business. Getting needed supplies to remote sites is a challenge that WNOG team has successfully addressed multiple times by providing transportation services to drilling sites and storage facilities in Western and Eastern Siberia. If necessary, we can arrange daily delivery of small batches. Standardizing compliance across a number of different carriers, many of whom are small and local, is a difficult task for oil & gas companies to handle on their own; WNOG, on the other hand, has the experience and expertise to drive uniform measures all the way down to the carrier community. The environments of extreme cold, seasonal darkness, remoteness, and winter roads are very demanding in terms of logistics and transportation. We can guarantee high quality services at all shipment stages even in these conditions.
Logistics solutions for materials and equipment delivery to oil fields
Presently, one of the major growth drivers in oilfield service market value is HFT segment (hydraulic fracture treatment). Under Russia's geological conditions, wherein over 70% of oil pools reside in hard-to-extract formations, HFT is the only means which use enables economic progress, development and drilling new wells. In addition, this technology is currently applied for development of new oil formations for which the application of traditional methods of oil extraction would not be economically feasible.

Each HFT fleet is represented with the unique mobile complex capable to include up to 15 specialized units on auto-vehicle truck chassis for hydraulic fracture of formation. Pumping plants assembled on the truck chassis serve as capacity-determining basis for each fleet. Depending on the needs and specifics of oil fields the fleet composition may include mixing units (blenders), management and control stations, hydration units, chemical additives units, proppant supply units and manifold units.

WNOG JSC specialists have more than 20 years of experience in delivery of this kind of equipment for our Customers to the oilfields in Western and Eastern Siberia. Implementation of projects on specialized units' delivery arrangements for the HFT requires elaboration, preparation of customs papers and design documentation, application of special schemes for material handling implementation, use of the specialized railway equipment with special fasteners, etc. For many years the successful implementation of these projects resulted from timely and consolidated activities of customs specialists and our company project team involved in rendering the full–scope services on customs clearance and transportation procedures.
HFT Fleet Transportation
Our main services includes transporting via aircraft, train or by truck
We deliver sea freight services through partnerships with Russia focus inbound/outbound carriers. We can guarantee sea freight capacities and quick delivery benefit for the clients doing business in Russia and CIS.
Ocean Freight
We can provide services for freight moving to or from Russian inland waterways. We can arrange charters or seasonal service on many Russian main rivers such as Pechora, Volga, Ob, and Yenisei. We have experience shipping to the remote communities of Western and Eastern Siberia.
River Freight
We provide a full range of truck transportation services throughout Russia including the most remote destinations. Our trucking services meet customer high requirements for Russia European and Siberian coverage and CIS countries as well.
We have long experience in rail freight services and rail operations in Russia and CIS. We can select and reserve optimum type and quantity of a rolling stock for transportation of specific kinds of cargoes, by using Russian and CIS rail cars.
Rail Freight
We provide air freight service throughout Russia using our expertise and knowledge to get your equipment and goods to Russia quickly and efficiently.
Air Freight
We provide Russian importers and exporters with fast, efficient and environmentally friendly multimodal transport. We help you to optimize your multiple transportation needs, reduce lead times and cut cost in intermodal transport rates.
Intermodal & Multimodal Transport
Project logistics related to the most complicated and challenging issues that is involve transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.We provide a full range of services to develop and implement the most appropriate factory-to-foundation transport solutions for heavy and oversized cargoes. Solutions that we develop are always tailor-made for each project.
  • Shipment route planning and development;
  • Ground infrastructure preparation services.
  • Special permits obtaining, coordination with government transportation agencies;
  • Factory-to-foundation multimodal transportation;
  • Load-in/load-out, lifting, handling and packing services;
  • Special transport support services;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Insurance services.
  • Refineries, LNG Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Wind Energy
  • Electricity Distribution
Managing your international import and export activities is a strategic intent of our business. We are responsible for supply chain operations of foreign and Russian companies; managing complex flows of goods, information, and financials to and from many parts of the world. With any of our supply chain solutions, we provide a single source in managing your shipment with the provision of customs clearance and trade solutions. We help you comply with customs and trade requirements so that your goods are never delayed at any international borders.

We work together with a Contracted Manufacturers in expediting the exportation of their products to foreign buyers and also serve as a Buyer's Agent to source and qualify requested products for them to import. By working as a buyer's agent, we source products of interest around the globe. The buyer provides us with information regarding products they have expressed interest in, product specifications, quantities to purchase and their projected purchasing cycles.

We then simply source those products on behalf of our buyer. We serve as an Export Management Company acting as the off-site exporting department for Russian producers. We work in a dual role to provide both Russian exporters as well as importers with the best possible marketing strategies. Our business practices are honest and transparent. We are diligent in providing the most a reputable interactions with all of our manufacturers and buyers.
Export Import
Our Customs Brokerage team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the efficient clearance of your goods in full compliance with Russian regulatory requirements. Today's changing customs requirements, security initiatives, and duty and tax rates create the challenges to international trade. WNOG customs clearance professionals ensure the efficient clearance of your goods in full compliance with Russian regulatory requirements.
Customs Brokerage
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