Freight Management


We deliver sea freight services through partnerships with Russia focus inbound/outbound carriers. We can guarantee sea freight capacities and quick delivery benefit for the clients doing business in Russia and CIS.


We can provide services for freight moving to or from Russian inland waterways. We can arrange charters or seasonal service on many Russian main rivers such as Pechora, Volga, Ob, and Yenisei. We have experience shipping to the remote communities of Western and Eastern Siberia.


We provide a full range of truck transportation services throughout Russia including the most remote destinations. Our trucking services meet customer high requirements for Russia European and Siberian coverage and CIS countries as well.


We have long experience in rail freight services and rail operations in Russia and CIS. We can select and reserve optimum type and quantity of a rolling stock for transportation of specific kinds of cargoes, by using Russian and CIS rail cars.


We provide air freight service throughout Russia using our expertise and knowledge to get your equipment and goods to Russia quickly and efficiently.

Intermodal & Multimodal Transport

We provide Russian importers and exporters with fast, efficient and environmentally friendly multimodal transport. We help you to optimize your multiple transportation needs, reduce lead times and cut cost in intermodal transport rates.